Monday, June 16, 2008

‘My Security’ window

This Monday we’re looking at one of the most important parts of the GUI. What you were used to as the Welcome screen in Outpost 2008 has been renamed My Security for Outpost 2009, and has undergone some significant changes. It’s no secret that changing this screen was at the top of our users’ wish-lists for 2009, so now you can take a look at what we’ve done and see whether you think we’ve made the right decisions.

Here’s what the Outpost 2008 main window looks like:

What you see is the news section, registration / update info and My Shortcuts.

In Outpost 2009, the My Security page also displays the status of Outpost’s components. If you click on the status type, the corresponding settings will appear. These settings are as follows:
  • green represents the optimal choice / variant
  • yellow represents a riskier choice
  • red represents the most unsafe choice.
  • Rules Wizard, Allow Most, Block Most policies
  • Stop All
  • Disable
  • Firewall disabled
  • Enabled
  • Disabled
Host Protection
  • Optimal, Advanced or Maximum settings
  • Low
  • Host Protection disabled
Real-time Malware Protection
  • Enabled
  • Enabled, mail not scanned
  • Disabled
  • Disabled in compatibility mode
Malware database
  • Updated no more than a day ago
  • Updated no more than a week ago
  • Updated more than a week ago
The News Flash still leads to the news page on our website. As for the shortcuts, we’ve kept the most important ones:
But a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s a sample ‘My Security’ screen for Outpost 2009:

We believe this new layout will give you greater transparency and ease-of-use. You can easily access any basic setting with a single click and check the status of the different components. It’s easy to adjust the level of security and enable or disable components according to your needs and experience. Plus you’ll never forget important product updates – My Security will remind you in good time.

In summary, the new design makes it quicker and easier for all users to configure the program appropriately for their optimum protection.

To test this yourself, please join our beta program at and evaluate the product. As always, you can find our Outpost 2009-related Monday blog posts at or subscribe to the RSS feed. There are still more feature notes to come!

See you next Monday!

Take care online,

Alexey Belkin,
Chief Software Architect, Agnitum


Atlas said...

How can I download archived malware db update files rather than updating from the app?

Agnitum BLOG said...

No, I'm afraid there's no way. What's your point here?

Pavel Goryakin

pinkISH said...

maybe he means offline update for computers that are not always online or have slow internet connections.

BigJ said...

From the screen shots I see the agnitum news updates. Perhaps I missed the option when I tried Outpost2008 (still using v4 currently) but there didn't seem to be a way to disable news updates.

A simple operation in v4 but I just couldn't find it in 2008.