Monday, June 09, 2008

Revamped Online Activity

This Monday we’re taking a look at another GUI tweak in Outpost 2009 – this time, a more convenient display of Online Activity. In the same way as the Network and Process Activity, this log of active web processes is now more customizable and visually attractive.

Here’s how the display looks in Outpost 2008:

The new layout displays the following columns by default:

- Process
- Host Address
- File Name
- Object Size

If you want to see a full URL address and Object type, just select the Columns command by right-clicking on the process. We’ve also added in a time lag on the deletion of obsolete records; in Outpost 2009 they are marked in grey before being removed (the same as in the Network Activity monitor).

Here’s a screenshot of the Online Activity monitor in Outpost 2009:

By suppressing long addresses and additional details, the information is easier to read without having to scroll around. One more small but helpful way to improve the usability of Outpost 2009.

As always, please feel free to join our beta program at and evaluate the product for yourself. You can find our Outpost 2009-related Monday blog posts at or subscribe to the RSS feed.

See you next Monday!

Take care online,

Alexey Belkin,
Chief Software Architect, Agnitum


pinkISH said...

Could you give us a rough estimate of when v2009 will be available in Final version? If you cannot say anything, at least let us know if it's going to reach the Final stage this year or next year.

I can't wait to install it, but i'm not comfortable with betas since I own only one computer.

Agnitum BLOG said...

We plan to launch the Outpost 2009 product line this summer. We'll keep you informed about our progress.

Pavel Goryakin

pinkISH said...

Thank you very much for your prompt reply and also for the hope that I will be enjoying the new version soon. Time to upgrade from version 4.0!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe you removed the option to show the URLs, that feature was very useful.
I understand making URLs and protocols hidden in the default view to make the view easier to read at first sight, but removing them altogether doesnt make sense. Why would you remove features from a product that work good and give more information to the user? You can tailor them for usability needs but removing them decreases usability

Agnitum BLOG said...

To Anonymous: We have the Address column, isnt't this a good substitute? :)

Pavel Goryakin

Anonymous said...

Its definitely clearer but for me the key point of that tab is keeping a log of what URLs were accesed, for example for online videos, or when sites try to download exe files without your consent.
An option to specifically copy the URL to clipboard would be handy. Also maybe an option to open the folder where the process file that made connections is located (but system-spawned processes would be problematic...)