Monday, June 02, 2008

Simple / Expert View Switcher

This Monday we’re reviewing another improvement to Outpost 2009’s ease-of-use – Simple / Expert View Switcher. Complex logging and configuration information is really not necessary for everyday use, so we decided to create the option of a simplified view.

The simple view omits the Network Activity, Used Ports, Attack Detection, Process Activity and Online Activity menus, and displays just the basic logs. You can choose either simple or expert layout during installation, as this automatically corresponds with the security level options (Normal and Advanced respectively).

After installation, you can switch between views by clicking the link in the lower left corner of the program screen.

Here’s how it looks in the interface:

As a consequence of this improvement, we also disabled the logs shift on the Event Viewer page (Advanced Logs Enable/Disable link) and the checkmark Show advanced logs in the Logs settings.

This new option is primarily for the benefit of users who like to keep things simple and see just the essential information without any extras, while advanced users may choose the enhanced type of protection and configuration tools. The new option also makes program navigation simpler and quicker.

As always, we encourage you to see how it works in practice! Please join our beta program at and evaluate the product for yourself. You can find our Outpost 2009-related Monday blog posts at or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Look out for another great feature description next Monday!

Take care online,

Alexey Belkin,
Chief Software Architect, Agnitum

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Anonymous said...

Will it be possible to turn off writing to log-files? I liked the way it worked in Outpost 4.0.