Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anti-Malware Improvements - Part 1. Interface

This time we'd like to share with you some tweaks made within Outpost's Anti-malware module for the new line-up. The dramatic growth of our malware database (more than 2,000,000 added signatures for now) goes without saying.

Generally, all product alerts become more visible and clear, this specifically concerns Anti-Malware. More transparent information is delivered with an emphasis on threat type and source and Outpost module in charge, plus the warnings are designed in a user-friendly fashion to indicate relevancy of this or that event.

Here we'll demonstrate some usability advancements in more detail:

• In compliance with antivirus protection standards, the option to automatically cure infected objects detected by the real-time monitor is now set as default action and applies to all suspicious/infected objects found. This measure caters to average users who rightfully prefer the program to perform an optimal operation rather than rely on their own decision.

• Actionable Quarantine facilitates decision-making regarding neutralized suspicious objects; quarantined files can be easily restored, removed or removed in bulk right from the new menu in a couple of clicks. Detected malware can also be filtered and sorted by certain criteria. For known "beasts" detailed information is available.

• The overall structure of Anti-malware Settings was improved to combine General and Additional Real-Time Protection settings in a single window.

And there are more nice options such as heuristic analyzer settings, to name just one thing of a few. Part of the Antimalware module, the heuristic analyzer turns visible in the interface and more flexible due to adjustable sensitivity levels (normal/high).

This is how it is in Outpost Pro 2009:

And here's the 2010 structure:

This was a sneak peak of Anti-Malware 2010, keep on reading! And if you haven't yet subscribed to Agnitum Blog, it's high time to do so ;-)

Maxim Korobtsev
CTO, Agnitum


Anonymous said...

UI changes are welcome. But the main problem with Outpost Anti-Malware is its relatively weak engine.
Outpost AntiMalware is yet to achieve detection close to other prominent players. Tests done by and VB RAP have shown that.

So till VirusBuster or Agnitum sure up their engines, it will hard for OSS to survive on HIPS merit alone.

Anonymous said...

In the first screenshot, I believe "Desinfect" should be spelled "Disinfect" ...

Agnitum BLOG said...

Thanks for the opinions and corrections :-)

Apparently, we can't agree with the judgment about Outpost Anti-Malware. All test results are relative and sensitive to specific test criteria, malware sets, etc. And the latest VB RAP showings for Outpost Security Suite are even better than average (around 60%).

Generally, Agnitum products now have 2,000,000+ signatures in their arsenal and the number is constantly growing. Two labs work for the benefit of Outpost Anti-Malware - our antispyware lab and the virus research on our partner's side, which provides a comprehensive effect.

We are committed to improvements in various aspects. For instance, just today I received news of more frequent database releases (twice a day on business days). As we reported before, the SmartScan technology that speeds up malware checks and tackles accuracy is also doing pretty well.

Moreover, Anti-Malware is backed up with heuristic analyzers - an additional layer of defense.

All in all, antivirus mechanisms are among our top priorities and we look optimistically into the antivirus future of Agnitum :-)

Pavel Goryakin, Agnitum

Petit said...

I'm wonder with detection windows.

Some fake security software designed like it's popup from Windows OS.

But Maybe it's useful for most users.

PCGeek said...

I can't agree with you more!
The screenshot just looks like a rogue Antivirus.
Maybe agnitum should change it into a more Outpost style popup window instead of mimicking Windows popups.

Anonymous said...

Considered that we're talking security software I can't agree more with the previous posters in getting rid of that 'fake' windows screen.

Confusing at best, dangerous at worst.