Friday, March 05, 2010

On the Road to 7.0: File and Registry Activity

Once you pop into the old good Host Protection, now renamed Proactive Protection for what it really is, you'll see a tab neighboring to also familiar Process activity. That will be another monitor of what's going on in your system - File and Registry Activity Monitor. In other words one can choose a process displayed in Process activity and see what sort of operations it triggers.

An invaluable aid for advanced users, the monitor provides a big picture of (as you may have guessed) current file and registry activity. The user can analyze every active process, its path and time as well as track registry modifications in order to take action with Outpost's ample functionality.

In Process Activity one may right-click on a process and choose to terminate, quarantine or – monitor activity for it – that's when the new feature jumps in. The Monitor provides nifty filtering options so that you can exclude or include running processes and concentrate on what's precisely of interest at the moment.

Besides, using Start/Stop monitor buttons you may opt to take a snapshot of the monitor's records for deeper analysis.

The concept of such tool traces back to Mark Russinovich with his Filemon and Regmon utilities, afterwards replaced with Process Monitor, now part of Microsoft's product offering. Although Outpost's File and Registry Activity Monitor was based on a similar principle, the specifics in our case is that the module is part of a comprehensive security solution and, backed with other log and protection tools, it provides a deeper insight.

You'll soon be able to judge for yourself as the public beta of Outpost 7 is a stone's throw away from now.

Stay tuned!

Pavel Goryakin, Agnitum


Tinozza said...

Russinovich's Process Monitor and some other apps in his comprehensive suite, are the kind of thing that every user should not miss (at least those interested in what's happening on their systems).

It is a very good news that the new Outpost is going to have its own version of a file and registry monitor.

Keep the new features coming and keep up the outstanding work :)

Anonymous said...

We're looking forward to see the beta version.

Do you have any date for the release? Can't wait anymore :))

Anonymous said...

Since December 2009 the public beta was announced.

Now it will also slow the time it finally appears.

qp said...

Has the development suffered setbacks? It's soon spring and no public beta in sight.