Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Outpost Security Suite FREE 7.1.1: registration issues were fixed

Agnitum presents 3rd iteration of the 1st comprehensive Internet security suite to protect PC users at no charge - Outpost Security Suite FREE, version 7.1.1.

What's fixed?
- Some registration issues were fixed

- Incompatibility issues with OS optimization utilities are fixed
- Most commonly reported crashes are fixed

Check out http://free.agnitum.com or use direct links:

Why install modern OSS Free 7.1.1?

OSS Free 7.1.1 includes all anti-malware engines for OSS Pro (Antivirus and Antispyware) as an integral part of Agnitum’s comprehensive Anti-Malware brings more targeted security to Windows users.

Outpost Firewall Free 6.5 users are receiving upgraded Firewall and Proactive Protection modules after 2 years of hard development - now with unlimited number for manual rules and with regular updates for firewall/proactive protection rules databases from ImrpoveNet.

Users of the OSS Free edition can switch between Automatic (default) and Manual update settings. Automatic updates arrive for Outpost Free when available at Agnitum’s update servers, and can be downloaded at any time. The only difference between Outpost Free and Outpost Pro in this instance is that the Pro product is assigned greater bandwidth and operates in Priority Update mode.

As the previous edition, the new Outpost Security Suite Free 7.1.1 brings English and German interfaces.

As soon as it’s installed, OSS Free provides robust, easy-to-use protection with optimal default settings to address web-borne threats including known and zero-day viruses, spyware, hacker attacks and intrusions, spam, and more. That means that, by default, OSS Free is installed in Auto-Learn mode (no-alert mode for Proactive Protection which remembers user's behaviour as "good") that can be switched off by right-click for OSS Free icon in systray - "Exit Auto-Learn mode".


1. Outpost Security Suite Free can be used during 2 days without registration. After this period the product should be registered with a FREE key. Outpost will provide you with instructions on how to get a FREE key.

2. Outpost Security Suite Free canot be installed on Windows Server (2000, 2003, 2008, 2008 R2 editions) or in corporate environnemt (domain infrastructure). When trying, you will be offered to install OSS Pro packed in the same installation executable file (without additional downloads).


Anonymous said...

2 days is few.
one week is exellent.

Anonymous said...

If it's as good as 7.1 then you won't have any problems.
This is really good stuff, have been using it for months way better than Avast and Comodo.

Anonymous said...

"Monitor activity for ... "(spcific process) in process activity do't true work.
click on this feature , but not exist any monitor in file and registery activity.

Anonymous said...

OSS Pro 7.5
when will available for use?

agnitum said...

Free version doesn't have any additional features like File & Registry Activity Monitor.

OSS Pro 7.5 is to be released during the next month.

Anonymous said...

i do upgrade oss free version to 7.1.1 pro

Anonymous said...

Agnitum is the best pc protection maker I have found. I like the outstanding way that the later version products merge with the needed
prior software parts, but delete the unneeded old version parts, and install the new version product, all automatically. If help is ever needed, the support people are outstanding, as well.

Cezary "apocalyPS3" Czech said...

Why the OSS 7.1.1 Free Edition, port 1028 is "Closed"?
The result of scanning PCFlank.com

Cezary "apocalyPS3" Czech said...

Screen from the scan OSS 7.1.1 Free Edition. Screen

Cezary "apocalyPS3" Czech said...

I totally removing OSS 7.1.1 Free Edition, reinstalled and now ports are stealted.
BTW. OSS install file from this site is corrupted. Some critical components (VB engine and other) not are installed. Are using other install file OSS. Now is Ok.

Anonymous said...

It works perfect but... After registration of free version it showed 365 days and it sounds great. However, after 2 days it shows license expired. Even if you enter new key it is still not except it and do not start. So disappointing for a so great free security suite. It is better then Comodo because no false positive. To bad for that registration issues. They said they solved it in new 7.1 version but they did not.