Friday, June 01, 2012

Virus database and AV core engine upgraded

The new minor auto-upgrade for Outpost's anti-virus engine was scheduled for the end of the current week. It will be delivered during June 1-4 to all our customers.

 The new anti-virus engine carries the internal version number (previous one was and works only with the new malware database format (v15), to be updated simultaneously.

Main changes in June's upgrade:
  • significantly decrease both the memory consumption of the virus database and the size of the individual database files on the disc, 
  • as a result of this development the memory requirement of the loaded database decreased by approximately 20%.
Other changes since April's upgrade:
  • Fixed crash occurred on hacked UPX samples on x64 platform.
  • Some kind of malware may have not been detected by the x64 version of the engine (though x86 version could detect them).
Also, the support for loading a minimal database set was added  (to provide protection for machines with very low memory).  

As usually, the latest version available for download from, will have latest AV engine and its updates (they are incrementally added to the download server on the daily basis).

NB! Users of Outpost anti-virus products (including Outpost Free/Pro/AV Service/Network editions, in any case of license statement - trial/promo/active) should receive this minor upgrade automatically.


Daniel said...

I just updated my outpost security pro 7.5.2 (3939.602.1809) last night, it took like an hour for him to finish the downloads and to install them. Was it a problem from your end or is it because of the upgrade?
fyi a normal update takes like 1-2 minutes to download and install, and no internet connection problem, I've checked.

agnitum said...

Hi Daniel, you had to wait due to upgrade size ~ 70 MB. Apologies for this issue - seems that your ISP has no direct connection to our update servers, so requests were proceeded slower than usually.

Tracy said...

What about Internet Security Suite?

agnitum said...

Tracy, for sure - anti-malware engine is the part of our Suites as well.

error 134 said...

great blog and i really appreciate your efforts for upgrading the virus database and AV core.I just update my outputs and it is running fatalistically.Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

How does one determine the version of the Virus Database and/or the AV core engine installed (I have Outpost Security Suite Pro)?

It's easy to find the version of the Suite - 7.5.2 (3939.602.1809) - but I don't know how this correlates to the versions discussed in this article.

Blog Admin said...

The Antimalware tab in the main window of Outpost Security Suite feature the date and the number of signatures of antimalware database.

Geoffrey Pearce said...

I have had problems trying to install a later version than 7.1.1 I use Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and have a lifetime license for Outpost Security Suite Pro. Your support were unable to help me and I get this error message "setup failed to install Microsoft Visual C ++ runtimes libraries. Could you please supply me with the latest version that does not use C++ Runtime if thats possible. Thanks

Blog Admin said...

Dear Geoffrey, please specify number of your request to support team.

Geoffrey Pearce said...

The problem has been a long standing issue and your support team tried very hard but we got nowhere last time so I have not opened another ticket. I am hoping someone who has had a similar experience can help me or if someone can provide me with a version that does not require C++ runtime to be installed. Thanks

Agnitum BLOG said...

As far as I know your question has been already answered by our support team.