Thursday, September 26, 2013

Agnitum’s lab receives a VB100 award, completing the transition of previously acquired antivirus technology

Agnitum’s lab strengthens the company’s position in elite AV vendor club

Agnitum, the PC security experts, are delighted to announce a milestone Virus Bulletin certification under Windows 7. Outpost Security Suite Pro, ver. 8.1, makes a spectacular reappearance on the VB100 scene for the first time after the virus lab transition period.

This award in Windows 7-based comparatives comes in handy to pay homage to Agnitum’s brand-new virus lab. In less than 12 months the lab performed a smooth transition of inherited antivirus technology to match the high industry standards.

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Nima said...

make this blog more updated.

Anonymous said...

Great news,
Lifetime licence paid itself!

Why has Agnitum been tested once in Virus Bulletin RAP test? It is marked in red colour on VBulletins RAP quadrant.

Maybe different testing methods and aims?


Thomas Williams said...

you guys need to blog more if you expect people to pay attention to your blog. It almost seems like you guys had done no improvements since June when Outpost 8.1 was released.

Anonymous said...

Good job.
How come we have to learn of a new release through a third party site? It should be announced here.

Agnitum BLOG said...

Dear Thomas, this chart covers the period from February to August of 2013. We have not participated in VirusBulletin testing due to the virus lab transition period during which we created our own antivirus engine on the base of the inherited VirusBuster technology. The chart properly marks our only participation in this period.